Slitting Machine CSM.1300.D

Air Pressure: 6 bar

Film Roll Internal Diameter: 76.2 mm

Film Roll Maximum Diameter: 400 mm

Slitting Rate: 1-120 m/min

Max Film Width: 1300 mm

Machine Details

Centralized Control System

- 7 inch touch screen for user-friendly

- Stable Tension control system

- Hazel-Free EPC system

Multi-Precise Blades

- Efficient Multiple precise blades could slit maximum 12 rolls in one time.

- Flexible Adjustable Slitting among 30-1200mm wide


- Applicable for slitting of paper, thin-films, metal foils.

- Material’s tension will be changed with the variation of diameter of the reel in the process of unwinding, central guiding and rewinding.

- Keeping the rolling in a constant tension to make sure the perfect slitting.

Edge Position Control System

- Fully automatic edge position control

- Rewind speed up to 60 m/min

- Heavy-duty actuator

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