KF94 Head Strap Fish Type Mask Machine CMM-KF94-H

KF94 Head Strap Fish Type Mask Machine CMM-KF94-H


Model: CMM-KF94-H

Overall: 5700 x 4500 x 1900 mm

Weight: 1600 kg

Total Power: 7.5 kw, 220 ACV, 50/60 Hz or customized

Air Pressure: 6 bar

Productivity: 40-45 pcs/min

Control System:

a. PLC with full color touch screen

b. Individual photoelectric sensor for each station

c. Panasonic® Servo system for processing motion

Electrical components: Schneider®, Omron® or equivalent

Pneumatic components: AirTac® or equivalent

Type: KF94 Fish Type Mask Making Line

Optional: Label Printer

Recommendations for Raw Material

Items Material Density (gsm) Remarks
Outer Layer Non-woven Fabric 50 SS Class
Second Layer Melt-blown Fabric 25 99% Filter Efficiency
Third Layer Melt-blown Fabric 25 99% Filter Efficiency
Inner Layer Non-woven Fabric 25 SS Class
Notes: 3-4 layers is available.
Note: Other material specification could be checked with Cambery’s engineers.

Finished Product




- Compact design, less space investment.

- Fully automatic production, only one labor needed.

- Individual detect sensor for each station, status monitor on touch screen, fast debug if the machine failure.

- Full Panasonic® servo system for precise driving.

- User-friendly English HMI.

- High quality electrical components and pneumatic components.


- Aluminum alloy frame, fast to set up and adjust.

- 1~4 Rolls material loaded, and individual tension control.

- Material roll diameter up to 600 mm.


- Robust thick steel frame, one-piece CNC steel working table, provides a steady base.

- Smart design of nose wire feeding system, consisting of de-coiler, feeding unit, straighter, encoder and cutter.

- Dual welding and cutting stations, durable stainless steel made, screw rod for fast adjustment. (Customized pattern of the mask is optional.)

- Folding unit, durable stainless steel made, fast to adjust and debug.

- Ultrasonic station, equipped with strong turbo radiator, and user-friendly vibrator tuning design.

- Two automatic waste collect stations, simple devices and no labor needed.

- Feed-out conveyor with mask flipper unit.


- Individual PLC control, with touch screen operating and monitoring.

- Full Panasonic®Servo system, with individual error detection sensor.

- Specified-shape feeding tray for fish type mask.

- Double-end uninterrupted headband welding system, with Panasonic® servo headband feeding.

- The length of the headbands could be specified respectively to comply with the fit test from NISOH requirements.

- Mask stacking unit, stacking qty. up to 10pcs.


- Inkjet printer for logo or mark printing.

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