Cambery in the 13th VietnamWood

Cambery in the 13th VietnamWood

21 Sep 2019 | Cambery in the 13th VietnamWood

Cambery attended the 13th International Woodworking Industry Fair (VietnamWood), from September 18th to 21st.

hanks to the recent Trade War between China and the USA, more and more exporting business from China has been relocated to Vietnam. Admittedly, Vietnam is becoming the most rapidly growing market in the world and possibly it will act as the second world factory someday. As a result, this trade show is the most prosperous which covers an area of 12,500 m2 and more than 20,000 visitors are attracted by the performance from 600 exhibitors all around the world.

During this event, we were communicating with over 400 visitors regarding our machine introductions and the industry developments.

In particular, Richard Bryson, the Director of material development from Ashley Furniture industries, Inc. is really interested in our solutions for their further production in Vietnam. As the worldwide leading furniture provider, they are looking for perfect finishes on the furniture based on a better production method compared to the traditional one. There is no doubt that the profile wrapping/lamination line with PUR glue provided by Cambery would be the best choice which will not only fulfill the curiosity and diversity of designers but also environmental-friendly to the workers and end users.

An irresistible trend could be predicted that more and more manufacturers will upgrade their production methods by using the machines with PUR glue when taking the occupational safety and product durability into consideration. In fact, lots of clients have employed our machines (model: CWM.300.P-UN) for the production of door/window frames and the profiles for the interior decoration.

Similarly, our lamination line (model: CWM.1300.P) is replacing the traditional machines, like the hot press, cold press line with a more efficient way to produce the standard size boards (4 feet by 8 feet) with decent finishes including PVC films or veneer sheets.

Please feel free to reach us for further inquiry, we will offer tailored solutions based on your specific production requirements.

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